Books I recommend Vol 1



In the time I have been involved with online writing communities I have been privileged to discover many great books and authors. Here are some of my favourites. I will extend the list at a later date.


MRS JONES by B A Morton

A cop with a past, an English girl with a secret. This hard=boiled cop thriller has more twists and turns than a corkscrew. Miss it at your peril.

REPRISAL by Alfie Robins

A gripping police-procedural thriller set in Hull, England. A team of detectives, led by the aptly named Phil Marlow, are on the trail of a serial-killer taking out the city’s drug dealers. This is a drama with great characters and an unexpected twist.

Alfie is doing so well with this unmissable read.

BELFAST GIRLS by Gerry McCullough

A tale of friendship against the odds.

Mary, Sheila and Phil have been friends since childhood across the Protestant-Catholic divide. Now, as adult women, their lives have taken different directions involving a glittering modelling career, prison and guns and drugs. But at the end of the day their friendship wins out.


Kianda Mala – Monkey Man – is revered as a god by the Chachinka tribe because he has a tail. His tribe and way of life have remained undisturbed in the Amazon rainforest for generations.

When his people begin to die from a strange sickness Kianda braves the world beyond the jungle to try and find out how to save his people.

A heart-warming and conscience pricking eco-thriller. Difficult to classify but worth reading.

SHASTA SUMMER by Teresa Geering

When her parents have to go abroad urgently, eight year old Summer Backer is sent to stay with her eccentric Aunt May in the magical village of Shasta. Summer discovers magic, a talking cat and a fairy kingdom. She discovers she is the reincarnation of the legendary Shasta who founded the village. Shasta sets out to find out a way to stop Merlin turning back into a cat and deals with the machinations of the evil Erasmus. People of all ages will love this enchanting tale in Teresa Geering’s evocative spell-binding prose.

EMPTY CHAIRS by Stacey Danson

Escaping from horrific abuse and being prostituted by her own mother; eleven year old Stacey Danson found life on the streets of 1960s Sydney preferable to home.

We follow Stacey’s survival attempts and the friends she makes. This book is way too short but compelling and often heart-breaking but it offers hope. Hope that, if just one child can be saved from a life of abuse and neglect through someone reading this, then it will have been worthwhile. Have tissues to hand when you read this!

BLACK SHADOWS by Simon Swift

I love this! It’s a stylish hard-boiled detective story in the style of Hammet and Chandler. Errol Black is out to find out who killed his former colleague, Dyke Spanner, as well as unearth the location of a valuable blue diamond. It has mobsters and femmes fatales aplenty as well as action and plot twists.

Sadly you have missed the free promo weekend on Kindle but it really is worth the time and money,


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