Male Author Profiles

Here are some biographies of up & coming and already published male authors whom I have met during my writing community experience.  . I accept no responsibility for incorrect information since all bios were supplied by the featured authors at my request.




I live in Essex with my wife Margaret, and my daughter Elizabeth. I used to work for the Greater London Council, as a Project Manager. Then in 1986 I set up as a Chartered Surveyor operating my own practice. In 2004 I had a heart attack, and lost a number of clients. In 2008 I finally retired.

I came into writing late in life. I had always wanted to write a novel but could never think of a good enough plot. My first novel, “The Kammersee Affair”, written in 2008, was inspired by a holiday in Austria. We were staying in a picturesque lakeside village Grundlsee. During the war the next lake, Toplitzsee, was used by the Germans to test rockets, and torpedoes. At the end of the war there were rumours of gold hidden in that lake. Despite extensive searches the gold was never found. In my book, however, it is found, only in the next lake, Kammersee. Three books followed, “The Mackenzie File���, “The Marinski Affair”, and “Epidemic”. All feature Tom Kendall, a down to earth private detective. My fifth book, “A Killing In The City”, is another featuring Tom Kendall. It has just been released by Night Publishing.


“The Marinski Affair”, published by Raider Publishing International, is available on Amazon –

“Epidemic”, published by Raider Publishing International, is available on Amazon –

My personal favourite is “Epidemic”.

I have recently completed a re-working of “The Kammersee Affair”. It has been re-titled “Kammersee” and submitted to Night Publishing. I am currently re-working “The Mackenzie File” and hope to offer the manuscript to Night Publishing within the next two or three months.

I am also working on two further Tom Kendall novels. “Kendall – Private Detective” is a prequel to the series, and approximately 50% completed. “Carrick Cove” is at a very early stage. Also in progress is a fictional novel regarding the assassination of Lincoln. I have been working on that for some years. Not that it is a very long epic, because it isn’t. It’s just that I have, what I think, is a great beginning, and a great end. It’s just that 100 odd pages in between I’m having problems with.

My list of favorite books would, without doubt include Dickens. Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, just cannot be bettered. Agatha Christie, the master of crime, would be high on the list. As would Alistair Mclean, Hammond Innes, and Wilbur Smith. I was brought up on Enid Blyton – remember The Secret Seven and the Famous Five. Sadly not so fashionable these days, but great fun.

I do have a Blog page, not that I use it correctly. Blogging and tweeting, are types of technology that I really haven’t fully embraced. For what it is worth the blog page is

Thanks to our good friend Andy Evans I have a Book Trailer for “A Killing In The City” – check out




Following the success of my debut novel ‘Reprisal’, a crime thriller based in and around Hull, which has enjoyed a steady climb on the Amazon Kindle reaching #9 in the top 100 best sellers, I wondered if you might like to feature my story or review the book.


I live in the village of Middleton on the Wolds, East Yorkshire.  To write a book is something that had always been in the back of my mind.  Once the book was complete I sent it to various publishers and was rejected by all, until I approached Night Publishing and was offered a publishing contract.


On 21st November, 2011, ‘Reprisal’ was published under my pen name of Alfie Robins as an e-book, at present it has exceeded all expectations of a debut novel, rising to #9  out of almost 1,000000 books on UK Kindle.  The paperback is now available to order from all good book shops and on-line retailers.

The e-book version of Reprisal can be downloaded from, and


My next novel ‘Just Whistle’, introducing DS Harry “H” Blackburn is due out in the autumn.


Reviews of ‘Reprisal’ can be found at:


My publisher is Mr Tim Roux who can be contacted at:    or










Born into a working class family, the second of four children, Salford 1944. Migrated South 1956. Wild and curious, he ran off to London where he met the majority of the characters he writes about.  The swinging sixties and early seventies played a major roll in his insatiable thirst for adventure, and against a backdrop of mini-skirts, mod’s, rockers and Muhammad Ali, bore witness to an era of crazy fads, culminating in  Britain’s first ever woman Prime Minister in 1979. And of whom Lord Acton said, ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely, ’ and by the end of her era, Thatcher was case in point. And while the Nation paddled through rubbish, bodies unburied, strikes, power cuts, spiralling inflation, limited working weeks, abysmal production, etc, etc, the real money was going into the pockets of fraudulent corporate boards and City Yuppies.(Groomed to Kill), his first book was written against a backdrop of inner city poverty and tells of lad who  became a government assassin.


Worked in Norway on timber frame construction where he met John Millen a naval architect who designed Pearl Harbour after the war. Became a ‘minder’ for his mother-in-law both on and off his motor yacht in which he and his wife toured the world. Returned home, attended Brunel University and passed I.O.C.W.(GB)inc,  exams. Worked for Borough Architects Dept. Resigned, got married, built own house while running several companies. Constructed a steel mill in India and a tiger compound in Nepal for the World Wild Life Trust. Widowed. Returned to writing and investigative journalism…It is from his diaries of the 60’s and 70’s he wrote POLICY, creating a fictional account of one such tale of political intrigue, and one for which he was interviewed by MI6. His latest book Lallapaloosa is ready for publishing and is currently being scripted for the silver screen. He now resides with his son, an A level English teacher, and Roxzan, his 12 year old adopted daughter.






Stephen R. Hulse was born (although some would unkindly maintain that actually he crawled up from the fiery depths of Hell itself) in 1959 in the city of Liverpool, England. Stephen is the Co-Creator and former contributor to the highly successful classic television website “Television Heaven” and its sister sites “Teletronic” , and “Day In The Life”,


Experienced in writing television reviews/biographies/history articles, Stephen possesses a deep and broad knowledge of both television and film across all the major genres.


The Insignificant Other is Stephen’s third novel. His first novel, Shadowchaser was originally published in paperback by Lulu Publications, and is currently available as an Amazon Kindle exclusive. Stephen’s second novel, The Blue Hour is still available in all the major ebook formats, while his latest project is…a yet another secret. For the moment, at least.




I have been writing for many years and completed six novels, two published to date. “The Collectors,” is a continuing series.

Born in Edinburgh, but after one month my parents relocated to London, England. At fourteen, I left home. With my passport and more or less empty rucksack I headed for the south of France. Here, I had a fabulous time and grew up, working as a deckhand on luxury yachts.

On my return to the UK, I joined the Royal Navy and remained for 35 years. I sailed yachts for the RN and they paid me.

I served as a marine engineer, trained as an engineering diver, a parachutist and worked with Air Sea Rescue. I eventually became a fully qualified Engineer and further certified as a Deck officer. The eventual command of an RN patrol boat was my highest achievement.

First book       Dark Avenger (now nestles in a drawer somewhere in the house.)

Second           A Basketful of Sleepers Published

Third               The Angel Makers – Published

Fourth             You Can’t Hide Forever

Fifth                 The Collectors( Published by Night)

Sixth                The Collectors (Full Circle)

Seventh          The Collectors (Tower 34)

Eighth             The Collectors (Diamond and Sand)

What do I read. Anything by Robert Ludlum – Wilbur Smith – James Clavel – Douglas Reeman – Tom Clancy and many more.


Why do I write? Because I enjoy it



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