Life Ain’t No Bed of Roses

Check out my good friend John Holt’s writings here.

Jane Bwye

John Holt’s meanderings – they make me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Welcome again, John, for my final author spot before I hike off to sunny Africa until the spring!

john holt books

Once again my great friend Jane has done me the great honour of featuring me on her web page. The last time she actually gave me a topic to write about, “Challenges”. That made things a little easier. This time, however, she just took me to the deep end and threw me in. No life jacket, no life belt, and me a non-swimmer. “Write what you like,” she says. “Just get on with it.”

So what to write about? My views on world affairs perhaps, that should be good for seventeen words or thereabouts. “Looking at what is happening in the world I would say that we are in big trouble.”

So much for world affairs, so…

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