Books I recommend Vol 4

Here are some more recommendations hot off my Kindle.

BLUE HOUR by Stephen R Hulse

Alex Churchill begins the story in a somewhat precarious situation.

She is rescued by the mysterious Gideon Wade who has a strange interest in her.

Wade draws Alex into an absorbing mystery involving kidnapping, several assassination attempts, a lot of bloodshed and fighting and sinister secrets.

Will Alex be able to deal with all this without her former crutch, alcohol? Will she ever overcome her resentment towards her sexy successful glamorous rich mother who also happens to be the Director of Europol.?

Who – or what – exactly is Gideon Wade and what exactly is his interest in Alex?

Fast paced from the very first page it will take you some time to get your breath back afterwards but believe me it is worth it




CAN OF WORMS by Paul Trembling

When she is asked to finish a job a murdered colleague did not complete SOCO Marcie Kelshaw suspects that everything is not as simple as it seems.

Then Marcie finds a flash card in the burnt out vehicle which leads to further problems.

Before she knows it Marcie is caught up in a mystery involving organised crime, unofficial surveillance and an exclusive girl’s school.

Who can she trust and will Marcie make it out alive?

Gripping scene of crime drama which has fast paced action and intrigue from the very first page to the last.





DIVISION OF THE DAMNED by Richard Rhys Jones

When I first heard about this book I wondered whether vampires and the Third Reich could actually mix and wasn’t sure it would work but I was proved very wrong.

It is 1944 and the war is going very badly for Germany especially on the Russian Front. Heinrich Himmler receives communication from an eccentric Romanian count offering the services of his army to the Third Reich.

Here begins a complex story weaving plots together with seamless panache.  Vampires, a motley band of disillusioned SS officers, an Englishman with a Romanian blood tie, a mysterious book and an ancient curse all weave together to make this a deliciously flowing plot enhanced by Jones’ well defined realistic characters, a knowledge of the time and an affinity with his story.  Dialogue is realistic and evocative and there is even some romance in there for the ladies.  In fact I was annoyed Amazon would only allow me to give it five stars.


The Whore & her mother: 9/11, Babylon and the return of the King by Raymond McCullough

I don’t normally read non-fiction and particularly not with a Christian ethos.

But I found this book deeply absorbing. Raymond McCullough displays a clear knowledge of and interest in his subject. He makes clear concise arguments based on Biblical prophecies. I did not agree with everything he said but found this a thought-provoking and enlightening book.

No matter what your religion there is definitely some aspect of this book that will apply to you so ignore this book and its warnings at your peril.




FIRST BITTEN by Samantha Towle

A night out to try and get over a cheating boyfriend ends in disaster for Alex and her best friend, Carrie, when Alex is attacked by a varcolac (a werewolf-vampire hybrid).

Alex somehow survives the transformation and is taken in by Nathan and his shape shifting family.

Alex encounters strong emotions as she comes to terms with her new existence.

She encounters passion and treachery as the varcolacs, desperate to procure a female of their kind close in.





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