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Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I would like to thank Gerry McCullough for nominating me for this although I think she deserves it way more than I do. We all know Gerry and her wonderful books Belfast Girls, Danger Danger, Angel in Flight and The Seanachie:Tales of Old Seamus are worth a slice of anyone’s time and money.


Check out Gerry’s blog at


Now the bit I am not so sure about. I have to tell seven things about myself. Here goes nothing.

  1. 1.    I have had Type I (Insulin Dependent) Diabetes since the age of 4 so grew up knowing no different. When I was diagnosed meal times had to be dead regular (same time every day) and portions carefully controlled so friend’s parties and school dinners were far from fun.  Thankfully nowadays Insulin is so much more effective so I can now eat more or less what I like provided I keep a check on my blood glucose.


2)                     I have a younger sister, Teresa, but thankfully, although I don’t see her that often, we get on far better than sisters Helena & Celia in my Lynchcliffe series of novels. I gave her a copy of Divided Loyalties: Lady Lynchcliffe’s Story for Christmas.


3)         Not a day passes when I don’t think about my late partner, David, who died on 23 September 2008. I like to think he would be very proud of me for what I have achieved with regard to my writing. It was a difficult time but I got through it.


4)         I like writing fan fiction and have written several Downton Abbey stories which can be read at.

I have made friends through this.

In further keeping with my Downton obsession i am an official Facebook Abbey role-player. I play Lady Maud Strallan, the late wife of the very delectable Sir Anthony. It’s great fun to play. I would rather play that than any of the other pointless games I get invited to on Facebook so take note. NO GAMING REQUESTS PLEASE.

Sexy RB75). I have no qualms in admitting that I have rather a thing for actor Robert Bathurst. He is simply gorgeous and so talented. I love him in Downton Abbey where he plays Sir Anthony Strallan. I belong to a couple of online fan forums. I also love him in the little known comedy series Joking Apart.

6) I collect autographs and have done since I was quite young. I have albums full of celebrity signed photos and letters. I haven’t got Robert Bathurst yet but my collection does include illustrious names such as David Bowie, David Jason, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Dame Maggie Smith, Bob Hoskins, Hugh Bonneville and my all time favourite singer Joan Baez.

7)  I have no children by choice. The idea of lumbering around looking like an overfull pedal bin for nine months while puking everywhere turns me right off the idea of motherhood and I must be the only woman who just does not understand the appeal. Therefore I resort to what would be mankind’s best invention, if only people would use it, Contraception.  Amazing how difficult teenage girls find it to take a pill every day.


I have nominated my friend Tricia Drammeh for this award. You can check her out here.



Her YA fantasy novel The Claiming Words is well worth a read. You can also learn more about her at my recent blog interview.

I have also nominated Malika Gandhi whose wonderful debut novel Freedom of the Monsoon charts the lives of five friends in the years leading up to the Partition of India. A very absorbing and evocative read.

You can check out Malika’s blog at




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