Books I recommend Vol 2

Here are some more gems in the indie author community treasure trove.


DANGER DANGER by Gerry McCullough

When Marie Sinclair gave birth to twins after being deserted by their father; her mother tells her she can only help her care for one.

Marie gives one of the twins up for adoption; not even knowing the twin’s sex.

Years later Marie’s daughters, Katie and Jo-Anne, are both in relationships with men involved in less than honest dealings.

Then the two women’s lives converge as they are involved in a horrific road accident; Katie on her boyfriend, Dec’s, motorbike and Jo-Anne in her partner, Steven’s, Mazda.

Ms McCullough expertly weaves the two stories together with her vivid characterisation, emotive description and realistic dialogue.

Will Katie & Jo-Anne ever be united as sisters? Will they find happiness? And what is the mystery of the package Jo-Anne failed to deposit in a Swiss bank deposit box on behalf of the mysterious Mr Bernstein.?

THE BRINGER by Samantha Towle

Lucyana is a Bringer; one of a group of ethereal beings that escort dead souls to the edge of Heaven.

One night Lucyana’s latest charge asks her to keep an eye on his son. It is a request similar to many she has had before but this time she feels compelled to carry it through.

Lucyana falls hopelessly in love with James. But bringers are not supposed to feel She decides to be with him and her whole nature changes as she becomes able to feel and acquires a physical body through the act of saving James’s life and therefore cheating death.

But this is not the end of her troubles, in fact it is only the beginning as she becomes entangled with a vengeful fallen angel and lives in fear of the ultimate punishment; exile from the Pure Lands where bringers live.


How to Steal a Lion by Kirk Haggerty

It’s all been said really. A college prank to steal a lion statue in the middle of the Oktoberfest for the reward of one million euros.

Thanks to everyone who shelved this on authonomy and helped Kirk make the ED and get a very positive much deserved review


How to meet a guy at the supermarket by Jessica L Degarmo

Quinn is fed up with being single. So she hits upon the idea of trying to find a date at her local Grocery King supermarket whilst writing a column on her experiences.

Follow Quinn’s somewhat mad, sometimes bittersweet, attempts to find love in the canned goods and produce aisles.

Along the way she dates possessive Mitch and so good he’s boring Jason without realising that she met her perfect man on her very first day.

This is chick-lit with sheer panache and style. Move over Bridget Jones! Quinn is coming!

                        The Eye of Erasmus by Teresa Geering

Another evocative tale of love, time-travel, strange powers and brooding malevolence.

Erasmus has always been different from his siblings and one day he finds out that the woman he is destined to love has not even been born yet. He travels through time to meet Shasta and the two become embroiled in a tale of magic, love and revenge. While somewhat darker than Shasta Summer this is still one that people of all ages will enjoy.

Teresa Geering has a unique prose style which enables her to weave a spell over her readers.


Faint Echoes of Laughter by Stacey Danson

This picks up where Empty Chairs left off and continues Stacey Danson’s story as she lives with other street kids in a shipping container known as “the Palace”.

Follow these young people’s stories; their tragedies, successes and hopes. Follow Stacey as she grows up, finds a job and later gets married. Will her abusive past help or hinder Stacey’s attempts to make a life for herself?

A powerful and worthy sequel which requires a lot of tissues.


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